Want to really dive into the history and experience of founding a Quaker summer camp?  Here are some of the reports to Intermountain Yearly Meeting, evaluations, our first grant proposal and more goodies to download! Visit for even more.

Original Vision and Queries Written at Continuing Committee 2009 by the newly established Senior Young Friend Summer Camp Committee

5 year plan Written during a workshop led by the SYF camp committee at IMYM 2009 with notes on the second page to comparing our actual accomplishments with our goals.

Report to Plenery Session, June 2009 File

QEW Minigrant Progress Report about Moutain Friends CampRec. 1/12/2010File

Results of a Survey about Mountain Friends Camp from 2009

Plenary Report 2010

Mtn Friends Camp Report 2010 full description of our pilot program

executive committee report 2011

executive committee minute 2011