Messages from former campers and staff, 2024

From Tynan Gacy:

I grew up a nerdy, introverted kid in Boulder Meeting. As one of only a half-dozen or so kids my age, (a number that diminished as I got older) I began to view Quakerism as something that was only practiced by “adults” and my participation was one of begrudging obligation. IMYM opened my eyes to a new world of Quakers young and old, but it was MFC where those connections flourished into lifelong relationships. I made many of my closest friends there, found mentorship there, fell in love with the Earth there. I learned stewardship and kindness on a level I am only beginning to appreciate. My time as a camper, CIT, and counselor gave me a sense of community I have not replicated since. Being a part of that community was a priceless gift only afforded to me because of your donations a decade ago. Your donations today give that gift to the next generation of nerdy, introverted kids.

From Camila Itzel:

“I have the privilege to know what community feels like, thanks to Mountain Friends Camp. Community feels like being together in silence and in song, eating meals and laughing together, and the magic of being in a place/space that brings you closer to yourself, others, and Spirit. As a former camper/CIT, I carry MFC in my heart and credit with a lot of my young adult expansion of self. MFC is a container of safety and connection that enables young people to come into deeper relationships with themselves, their peers, and the Earth. I am deeply grateful for having had the opportunity to experience that container for my own self exploration, and it brings me so much joy to see more generations of young Friends experience the blessing of MFC.”

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