Meet Our Staff

2022 Camp Staff

New Staff

Aliya smiling outdoors in front of trees

Aliya Fagan: Hi! My name is Aliya, I use she/her pronouns and this is my fourth year attending MFC. I was a counselor in training last year here at camp and super excited to be a counselor this year! I’m from Santa Fe, NM and was introduced to MFC by my sister Natalie years ago at tree house camp. I hope to get to know both new campers and fellow staff this year, as well as welcoming familiar faces. Despite the pandemic and the devastating fires, I look forward to camp and all it includes this year!

Angel Millen: Hey, everyone! My name is Angel and I’m 22 years old. Some of my favorite things to do are listening to and making music, playing games and drawing/painting. I’m really excited to commence camp and have fun doing all types of activities with the campers this year!

Cameron Davidson: Cameron, or Cam, or Cammy, is a 19 year old incoming college sophomore from Tucson, Arizona. He was brought up Quaker and attended Pima Friends Meeting in his youth. For 5 years he attended MFC as a camper and is now returning for his first year as a councelor. He is an avid musician, playing trumpet, guitar, bass, and singing, and studies music at the University of Southern California.

El Ravenwhite: Hi ya’ll! My name is El and I use all the pronouns interchangeably. I grew up going to Mountain View Meeting in Denver, and attended MFC for a few of its formative years. Lately I’ve been around the country a bit doing odds and ends from blacksmithing to no-till agriculture. I currently live in the foothills of the smokies, making plans for all the seeds I’ve saved. I am looking forward to returning to a camp that set me down this path that continues to bring me joy daily.

Rae Smith: Hello! I’m Rae. I’ve been going to camp for 4 years now and I absolutely love it! I am very excited to meet new people this year and help run fun activities, especially waterfront and musical activities. Can’t wait for this summer!

Returning Staff

William, smiling and holding up a fish on a line, in front of a mountain lake

William Viavant: Hey, I’m William! I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah, and this is my third year as a counselor at MFC. I love board games and tabletop games like D&D, writing, paleontology, fishing, and fossil hunting. MFC is such a special and unique place, and I can’t wait to participate in camp this year and see all our awesome campers again!

Kylie, smiling brightly, outdoors blurred background

Kylie Hunter: My name is Kylie and I just graduated with a degree in computer science and peace studies! Some of you may recognize me as I was a regular at camp from 2011-2018, and am now returning full circle as a counselor and waterfront coordinator. I have so many amazing memories of camp, and I can’t wait for this summer to build new ones as we create community and practice peace at beautiful Collins Lake Ranch.

Theo, smiling slightly with purple vest, outdoors

Theo Bloyd:  Hello! I’m Theo and I go by he/him pronouns. I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, will be attending UNM come the fall, and hope to become a published sci-fi & fantasy author in the future. I’ve been at MFC for some eight years, and will be working a dual role of counselor & kitchen staff this year. I’m looking forward to spending time out in nature with everyone, and hope we have a great year!

Liam Wheeler: Hey, my name is William “Liam” Wheeler. I was a counselor in 2017. Now, I’m a nursing school student with a Wilderness First Aid Certification, here to provide a healthy and safe environment as the medic. At the end of the day, everyone here can consider me a friend. Through everything I do, I’m here to foster an accepting, friendly, and loving community.

Mary Gray McGee: I’m delighted to be here at camp with my two grandchildren, grand niece and grandnephew.  It’s exciting to be camping out in my own tent surrounded by so many young people having so much fun. I’ll be helping mostly in the Arts and Crafts/Rabbit Hutch Yurt for the two week session this year. I taught elementary school 25 years.

Neil, in red, smiling outdoors

Neil Norby: I’m Neil. I’ll be a Handyman at Mountain Friends Camp this year, helping Eric around camp. If you get woken up in the morning, I’ll probably be accompanying him, so I hope you like the music! I live in Santa Fe, taking part in the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting, and I’ve been staff at MFC for a while. I’m glad that we’ve been able to continue having MFC in-person, and I look forwards to meeting new people.

Moony, posing smiling and cozied up to a metal Humpty Dumpty (or man in the moon?) statue

Adriana Puente-Reinhardt: Hello! My camp name is Moony (she/her) and I will be serving as your Program Manager this year! I grew up attending Tempe Monthly Meeting in Arizona and am dreaming of the greener (and cooler!) pastures of Collins Lake Ranch.  My passions are reading mystery books by the lake, hiking up glorious mountains, and making art! I have been a part of Mountain Friends Camp for over a decade and I am looking forward to making sure everyone has the fun, safe, and supportive camp experience that they deserve.

Eric Wright: I’m a member of Mountain View Friends Meeting in Denver, and have been a Quaker all my life. I  think my favorite job was working as a counselor and program director at Camp Dark Waters in New Jersey, when I was in high school and college. More recently I’ve helped run a Family Resource Center in Denver. My wife Judy and I have two grown daughters, Maya and Jenny and three grandsons, William,Thomas and Obadiah. I’m retired but pretty busy. I like being outdoors, cooking, playing guitar and singing, and getting to know people in a group.

Beverley Weiler:  I have been part of summer camps for 50+ years, starting with Girl Scouts, ‘way back when’! During the rest of the year I sew, make quilts and work with pre-schoolers to adults doing art therapy and re-evaluation co-counseling. Although I was raised Catholic, and still go to mass each week, I also have been attending the Santa Fe, N.M. meeting for about 30 years! I have been cooking for crowds since childhood and I’m looking forward to year #11 at MFC; sharing my energies and skills in the kitchen and during arts and crafts times.

Heather, wearing periwinkle jacket, in front of a pond and trees

Heather Bertram: I was born in Washington State, but I have lived in NM for a long time with my aunt Beverley. I like music, traveling, pen pals, collections, coloring and puzzles. I have a disability called Asperger’s so you might think I’m shy, but it just takes me a while to get used to things. I really like watching ‘American Idol’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars’ on TV. In March, I went to the DWTS tour show in Albuquerque.  I have been practicing my singing this year and look forward to sharing and learning some new songs. I go to Quaker Meeting in Santa Fe, and I help with the First Day school almost every week.

Anastacia, wearing a blue shirt, in front of a small waterfall and trees

Camp Director, Anastacia Ebi: I grew up in Logan Friends Meeting, in beautiful northern Utah. Now I live in DC, with my husband and two kids, and am lucky I get to bring my family out to summer camp. During college I spent a great summer as arts and crafts director and cabin counselor at Friends Camp in Maine. I talked it up so much to the IMYM Senior Young Friends that we decided to form a committee and start our own summer camp. Now here we are, getting ready for the THIRTEENTH season of Mountain Friends Camp! I am looking forward to hikes, art, building Quaker community, and having a great time with friends new and old this summer.  See you soon!