Meet Our Staff


Theo Bloyd: Hello, I’m Theo! I use he/him/his pronouns. Currently, I find myself  living in Santa Fe, NM, though I wouldn’t say no to a trip to Japan when I learn the language. My interests include reading, writing, cats, video games, and more reading. I’ve been attending Mountain Friends Camp for several years now, and look forward to making new friends this year!




Lydia Bateman: I grew up in the dry heat of Arizona as an attendee of Tempe Monthly Meeting. This spring, I graduated from Soka University of America with a B.A. in Liberal Arts. This summer will be my eighth summer at Mountain Friends Camp, and my first summer as part of the program management team. I am excited to find creative ways to bring the camp experience to this new virtual environment. I hope to see you on a Zoom call soon!



Nicola Gacy: Hello! My name is Nicola and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I’m from Lafayette Colorado and I will be a sophomore at Earlham College this fall in Richmond Indiana. I grew up Quaker in Boulder Friends Meeting and made life long friendships at MFC as a camper, counselor in training, and counselor! I love making bread, fermentation, cats, geckos, reading, and playing music. I will miss the beautiful Mora air for just this year, but I’m so excited to experience a little magic from home!



Tynan Gacy: Hi! I’m Tynan Gacy (my camp name is Tiny), and my pronouns are he/him or they/them. I am a born-and-raised Quaker currently finishing my Neuroscience degree at Earlham College in Richmond Indiana, but my family and my heart are firmly planted in the Rockies of Colorado. I have been a camper, CIT, counselor, and medic through the years of MFC, and I am excited to see what this year will hold for us! If we were in person, I would be itching to hike, camp, play Ultimate Frisbee, and sing songs around the campfire, but my loves of reading, writing, cooking, art, and games of all sorts will be better expressed through our shared virtual space. I am so excited to see all faces, both fresh and familiar!

Jamie Slick
I live in Louisville, CO, and attend Boulder Friends Meeting. This will be my seventh summer at camp, and my first year as a full staff member. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again on Zoom!





Eric Wright: I’m a member of Mountain View Friends Meeting in Denver, and have been a Quaker all my life. I  think my favorite job was working as a counselor and program director at Camp Dark Waters in New Jersey, when I was in high school and college. More recently I’ve helped run a Family Resource Center in Denver. My wife Judy and I have two grown daughters, Maya and Jenny and three grandsons, William,Thomas and Obadiah. I’m seventy this year, retired but pretty busy. I like being outdoors, cooking, playing guitar and singing, and getting to know people in a group.

Beverley Weiler:  I have been part of summer camps for 50+ years, starting with Girl Scouts, ‘way back when’! During the rest of the year I sew, make quilts and work with pre-schoolers to adults doing art therapy and re-evaluation co-counseling. Although I was raised Catholic, and still go to mass each week, I also have been attending the Santa Fe, N.M. meeting for about 30 years! I have been cooking for crowds since childhood and I’m looking forward to year #8 at MFC; sharing my energies and skills in the kitchen and during arts and crafts times.

Heather Bertram: I was born in Washington State, but I have lived in NM for a longHeather, wearing periwinkle jacket, in front of a pond and trees time with my aunt Beverley. I like music, traveling, pen pals, collections, coloring and puzzles. I have a disability called Asperger’s so you might think I’m shy, but it just takes me a while to get used to things. I really like watching ‘American Idol’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars’ on TV. In March, I went to the DWTS tour show in Albuquerque.  I have been practicing my singing this year and look forward to sharing and learning some new songs. I go to Quaker Meeting in Santa Fe, and I help with the First Day school almost every week.

Anastacia, wearing a blue shirt, in front of a small waterfall and treesCamp Director, Anastacia Ebi: I grew up in Logan Friends Meeting, in beautiful northern Utah. Since then I’ve studied, worked and traveled in Sichuan China, New York City, Pendle Hill PA, Pahoa HI, and currently live in Washington DC with my husband, Ari, and our baby, Desmond. I just finished my MBA and non-profit management certificate at George Washington University. During college I spent a great summer as arts and crafts director and cabin counselor at Friends Camp in Maine. I talked it up so much to the IMYM Senior Young Friends that we decided to form a committee and start our own summer camp. Eleven years later, here we are getting ready for the TENTH season of Mountain Friends Camp, and I’m bringing my baby with me! I am looking forward to hikes, art, building Quaker community and having a great time with friends new and old this summer.  See you soon!