Program and Activities

 Our “typical” activities depend upon the interests and passions of our campers and counselors so change from week-to-week, but we always encourage fun, enthusiasm, friendship and respect. Campers have more choice and free time then at many camps, and staff always support them in making great friends and developing creativity and leadership.

Morning meeting: Each person is free to use the silence for contemplation and worship, to immerse their senses in nature or take time with their own thoughts. We might feel led to share a message, a few words about our thoughts or even a song! After silent meeting the facilitator opens up space for anyone to share concerns, questions, affirmations, and any announcements.

Plork (play+work) projects, counselors lead various small group projects such as building or maintaining a trail, gardening, helping the cooks prepare lunch, gathering firewood etc. Everyone has a good time working together and gets to contribute to the community, our environment, and help take care of camp!

Creative Fun We make our own fun each session, campers and staff collaborate to plan and lead activities like skit nights, nature art, singing and songwriting, jewelry making, frisbee, tie-dye, poetry workshops, Secret Friends, campfires, and zany all-camp games like predator/prey, zombie town, and hot chocolate river.

Nature and Stewardship-We try to minimize our environmental footprint at camp, and maximize time outdoors. This may be through swimming and boating on the lake, quiet worship outside listening to birdsong, hiking on camp or nearby Carson National Forest, sleeping under the stars in lush meadows, picking greens for dinner, moving rocks and digging trails for better erosion control, feeding the wormbox, or watching a thunderstorm roll in deciding when to seek shelter.

Small Groups:  Every day we spend time with our “small group” to share or discuss around a chosen topic. The Counselors in Training plan queries or activities each day and lead their group. During small group time, everyone is invited to share from their own experience without the fear of judgment (or gossip!) and the topics can be as silly or profound–or both– as the group decides. Small groups are also your chore group at camp, so you’ll have a rotating chore together every day.

Storytelling and costumes evening program

 Mountain Friends Camp is an accepting and caring community, we welcome campers from all races, religions, national origins, genders, and sexual orientations. Quakers look for that of God in everyone, and value each individual for their unique gifts and potential.