Here are some quotes from our campers, their families and our camp staff.  We also have several parents who are eager to talk about their experiences with Mountain Friends Camp and answer questions from potential camp families, please contact us for a reference list!


“Mountain Friends Camp is an amazing experience, a beautiful community and has really brought me out of my shell.”

“This camp was so much fun. PLORK was the best! I would recommend this to my friends.”

“My experience at MFC will forever hold a place in my mind and heart.”

“I loved every second of every day, from jumping into the frigid water, to battling the barbed wire. Thank you all so much for putting this together!  I know it’s not just me saying this (you can ask ANYBODY) but this has been a highlight of my summer… no year… no, LIFE! And I’m so thankful for everybody”

“Most fun I’ve had working in a looong time”

“What makes MFC special is the people, and the attitude of the community. This camp is about everyone taking care of each other and contributing what we can for the good of the group.”

“I was able to grow as a person, take responsibility for what needs to be done, and not have to rely on my parents to do everything for me.”

“5 unforgettable days of awesomeness. Thanks to everyone and I’ll miss you all!”


“Mountain Friends Camp is a great experience, (my camper) loves it and he looks forward to MFC all year. I am grateful that he has a place he can go and be loved and honored for the unique individual that he is! He truly feels like an important and valued member of the community.”

“(My camper) loved camp with you. I spoke at the rise of meeting yesterday, giving my own little personal report to folks who may have followed your movement through IMYM this year. I let them know that she loved the work, had a blast learning about adobeing, the composting of food and humanure, singing, playing frisbee and that she came home in an amazing place- really grounded in her being, really happy, peaceful and self assured. How amazing is that? I’m just so grateful that the experience resulted in bringing her to that place. ”

“[My child] seemed to have a really positive experience at the camp. She got some good experience in being more self-reliant, met wonderful folks and learned more about sustainable living. I really appreciate your work in making this camp and the experiences it generated happen!”

“Thank you so much for all you and the committee are doing to ensure the future of Mountain Friends Camp! I just wanted to let you know that [my camper] is still glowing from a wonderful week.”

“Please accept my thanks for [my camper’s] camp experience–reviewed as “awesome” and “I want to go next year” –followed by 4 hours of sleep on the way home. This junior age is really receptive to messages of cooperation and justice that this helps foster, as well as simple joy in the outdoor world.”

Staff and Counselors in Training:

“I got so much out of this I can’t put it on paper. I feel spiritually and physically healthier and happier. This camp has been amazing for me.”

“It was really fun and I think I grew a lot from being here.”

“Great experience for me, especially the sense of community, the group of campers, and the relaxed shared time!  Far exceeded my greatest expectations.”

“I had a great time with old friends and new, and I learned a lot about cooperation, collaboration, and compassion over the week.”