Work Trade

Parents or other adults can volunteer during camp for a week to support Mountain Friends Camp and get in on the fun.¬†You can see first hand what all makes Mountain Friends Camp magical, and all the hard work required to keep camp running smoothly! Work trade for one week earns your camper a 50% discount from any session, or you can volunteer and donate the fee reduction to our general campership fund. Work traders can volunteer to cook, to help with chores and maintenance, or if qualified to be a medic at camp. We hope you’ll enjoy the comaraderie of working closely with other adults, and participate in full camp activities like Morning Meeting, some afternoon electives, and evening program with campers.

For parents, remember that camp is about children making connections and joining a community that is much larger than their own family, and that most kids won’t have parent’s present. In general, and especially for first time campers, please volunteer during your child’s second week at camp if at all possible. That way, campers can spend their first week connecting with fellow campers, making camp their own experience and looking forward to seeing you, rather than fretting about your departure if they are feeling homesick.

This is a new program for Mountain Friends Camp, so your patience and assistance is appreciated as we get started and work out the details. Please contact Ana with any questions. I’m basing our program closely on the Baltimore Yearly Meeting Camps Work Grant Program, and hope to provide a mutually beneficial avenue for more adults to participate in Mountain Friends Camp.