Are you ready for camp? In general, campers attending Mountain Friends Camp must be able to:

  • Move daily on foot on uneven, outdoor terrain and negotiate natural obstacles.
  • Sleep in a rustic cabin with campers and counselors, sleep in tents or tarps for overnight trips.
  • Lift and carry a backpack for hiking and wilderness trips, traveling beyond access of power-driven vehicles.
  • Eat provided meals, drink regularly, and wear sun protection.
  • Follow directions and participate willingly in camp activities, daily chores, and community living activities.
  • Refrain from violence, hitting, verbal assault, bullying, inappropriate or unwelcome touching, or similar behavior.
  • Listen well, show respect for others, work/live/play/interact in large and small groups without constant one-on-one assistance.
  • Continue taking prescribed medication if directed by their doctor or parent.
  • Participate in normal activities related to self-care, health, and hygiene including not wetting the bed.
  • Abide by MFC camp rules as explained by camp staff, and community norms agreed to by campers.
  • Promptly notify MFC staff of any health condition that requires medical attention or change of activity.

If you have questions about our activities, or ideas about accommodations for your child please contact us.

Is your child ready to come to camp this year? We all know children grow and develop at different rates, here are a few questions to help you decide if this is the right year to start overnight camp.

Camper Quiz:

  • Do you like sleeping over at a friend or relative’s house?
  • Can you keep track of your own things, and walk to a nearby building to brush your teeth and use the bathroom?
  • Do you enjoy playing outdoor games, hikes, and group activities?
  • Are you willing to help with camp chores like sweeping washing dishes, cleaning your cabin and bathroom?
  • Do you want to come to camp?

Parent/guardian Quiz:

  • Are you ready to go one or two weeks without seeing your child?
  • Are you OK communicating only by mail (or one-way email) with your child?
  • Are you confident that your child can take care of themselves and their belongings, and can tell other adults about their needs?
  • Can you entrust the camp director and trained counselors to care for your child?
  • Do you believe that Mountain Friends Camp will help your child have fun and gain independence?

If everyone answered YES to three or more questions then you’re ready to sign up for camp! You can always contact Anastacia Ebi to explore your concerns or ask questions about camp. Thanks to Friends Camp in Maine and the Girl Scouts for the idea of this quiz!


Hooray you’ve signed up for Mountain Friends Camp! Do you have all your paperwork turned in and information you need for the summer? Go back to the Parents & Dates page for registration link, forms, and information below, contact us with questions.

Have you sent Mountain Friends Camp your: 

-Registration form, electronic waiver

-Camper fees, campership application if needed

-Medical History form 1 (you complete via campdoc registration)

-Camper health insurance card/information (copy and attach to medical history form)

-Healthcare Recommendations form 2 (doctor completes)

Do you know or have copies of:

-Packing list


-Frequently Asked Questions