Creativity Night

TiK Tok Quaker Style

Wake up in the morning feelin’ like a Quaker
I role over to my neighbor and try to wake her
Before I leave drink some cider and I’m ready to Plork
With my sunblock and my hat-I’m safe! I’m not a dork

I got SPICES on a rack rack
Simplicity in a stack stack
Peace has got my back back

Tell the truth, don’t be rude
Respect is the thing to do
It’s time, let it shine
This little light of mine
Be kind, use your mind
Give a compliment some time

Volley-balley oh oh!

Haiku Poems by Brianna

Happy Clowns MFC 2012

The Kitchen
the awesome kitchen
full of tasty cooking food
and singing campers

The Sky
The beautiful sky
so blue with white puffy clouds
always watching us

Dirty Trash
so dusty of dirt
rubbery trash on the ground
waiting to be found

Mountain Friends Camp Song
Tune:Railroading on the Great Divide
New words by Eric Wright

Chorus:Mountain Friends Camp is like heaven, they say
Surrounded by the beauties of nature each day
By working together work turns into play
And the friendships we make will be with us always.
For the first two years we traveled and roamed
 Now in Tincup Colorado we’ve found a new home
In cabins and a lodge at 10,000 feet high
We’re camping right under the Great DivideThe food is so awesome we all eat a lot
Those who eat animals and those who do not
The vegans and gluten-free had plenty to eat
And frozen bananas were our favorite treatWe sent out our laundry in well labeled sacks
But it was all jumbled, when it came back
We sorted and traded, and each got our share
But has someone been wearing my striped underwear?We all hiked to a pond up an old stagecoach trail
Where we sat under plastic through rainstorms and hail
Then we paddled and played in the warm sunshine air
And we sat in the silence and Spirit was there

We walked down to the Friday night square dance in town
When we got to the dance hall there was no one around
So we danced on the town and we made our feet fly
And a big double rainbow arced over the sky
About the winds up in Utah we learned quite a bit
You can’t see them coming ‘til right when they hit
Then the tarps all start flapping and the dirt starts to flybest reduced size (6)
And lawn chairs and dishes all take to the sky.
We all worked on projects in our morning plork hours
We set up a kitchen, and an outdoor shower
We dug eighteen holes in long wavy rows
Where someday an orchard of fruit trees may grow.All around us the rock walls made a beautiful sight
Lit up by the sunset or the moonlight at night
So surrounded by beauty on every side
Our hearts felt a new sense of beauty inside.We gathered in small groups and each person shared
Each person counted and each person cared
And our friendships grew stronger as each day passed by
With or hearts filled with memories we said our goodbyes.