Mountain Friends Camp is a small residential Quaker camp for youth ages 10-15 from many different backgrounds, in the Southern Rocky Mountains near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Every summer we form a community where all are valued as individuals and for the gifts they share. Guided by Quaker values, everyone takes responsibility for the well-being of the community, from deciding on “norms” to washing dishes to making sure that everyone is having fun. We live simply and in harmony with nature and have a great time exploring, learning and sharing.

Find out more about Mountain Friends Camp, help support our mission , and come to camp this summer! If you like camp, please Refer a Friend!

Mountain Friends Camp 2015 will again be at the Santa Fe Tree House Camp in New Mexico! See more abut our Location or contact the director with any questions.

Session I: July 4-11
Session II: July 12-25
Family Camp: July 26-29