Colorado Springs, Santa Fe and Albuquerque

Mar 27-April 1
Even though it was technically a day off, with no formal camp events
scheduled, we still had a Quaker-iffic Tuesday! We headed to Boulder to return the projection equipment that we’d used the night before, and the Chataqua wilderness beckoned so we decided to go on a hike as well. Tromping down the trail, we exchanged “hellos” with a few passersby, only to realize that we’d run into IMYM YAF Patricia M! We stopped to chat and catch up, then hurried on our way as we had a few stops to make. We swung by Julia H.’s house in Boulder to talk MFC for a while, then hurried back to the Ireland’s abode where IMYM SYF Damon M-S was meeting us for dinner. We quickly readied a great meal, ate, and talked long into the night.

Wednesday morning we headed into Denver to visit with YAF Sarah T. before continuing on our way to Colorado Springs. A local camper and his family had arranged for a dinner and MFC presentation that evening to be hosted by a potential new camper and her family! The cozy event was fun and informative for all; after a tasty dinner, we showed the slideshow and answered questions about camp. Many thanks to Quetzal and John G. for putting the event together, and for hosting us in Pueblo!

Thursday was a slow day, which Ana used to catch up on a plethora of camp emails, but on Friday we started back out on the road with engines roaring. Our first stop was the Pueblo Nature and Raptor Center, where all three of our hosts were spending the day. We caught most of an up-close and personal presentation featuring several of the birds, and then received a behind the scenes tour of the grounds and facilities led by Quetzal himself. Brimming with new found ornithological knowledge, we said goodbye to the birds and Pueblo and started off for Santa Fe. We arrived later than we meant to, due to a “shortcut” that ended up adding hours to the drive, but were nonetheless right on time for supper with Beverly and Heather, two potential staffers for MFC ’12. We had a great conversation about camp, and hope that they choose to share their talents and skills with us this summer! It was dark when we finally found our home in Santa Fe, Anna and MFC camper Ceryn’s house, but even so they welcomed us with bright smiles. Anna and Ceryn showed us around the next day, and we spent some time preparing for our next visits.

On Sunday Ana headed to Albuquerque while Ariel returned to Santa Fe Meeting for worship, followed by a potluck and MFC presentation. After chowing down on a variety of dishes, Ariel and Ceryn set up the slideshow and made the presentation to a group of about a dozen people. Santa Fe Friends were curious about camp and very supportive. It was nice for Ariel to catch up with the meeting after a year, too, and to report good things about camp last summer and the progress we’re making towards this summer. Although no other younger friends were in attendance at the presentation, it was received very well and we hope to see more Santa Fe Friends at camp this summer!

Mountain Friends Camp presentation in Albuquerque

Albuquerque Mountain Friends Camp Potluck Presentation

Meanwhile, Ana enjoyed worship and fellowship with a large gathering of Friends, including many who were visiting Albuquerque for the White Privilege Conference. The number and spirit of young children in the Albuquerque First Day program was wonderful to see, and Ana was happy to hear from several parents that they hope Mountain Friends Camp is available for their children 5-10 years from now! Kara R, the clerk and our gracious host in Albuquerque, invited Ana to give a brief report during Meeting for Worship for Business, and encouraged Friends to join our MFC potluck Monday evening and the Albuquerque discussion of MFC queries on April 27th. After business meeting, and more fellowship, Ana and Karen hiked at a lovely nature park. That evening Ana joined a dinner party and concert at the home of another new Albuquerque Friend and MFC liaison, Hamish T, joined the April MFC committee conference call and met Ariel at the Rail Runner Station.

Although we received notice from several Friends who were regretfully unable to attend, the Monday evening potluck brought together six adults and two potential campers for a great meal, conversation, slideshow and a few games. Questions ranged from what “plork” projects we’d do this summer, to our Quaker identity as we welcome non-Quakers to participate, to our budget and plans for future IMYM support and fund raising.

Thank you Colorado Springs, Santa Fe and Albuquerque for your friendship and support! Next up on the Quaker Road: Las Cruces, Gila and Pima Meetings . . .

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