A Day at Camp

 Our “typical” activities depend upon the interests and passions of our campers and counselors so change from week-to-week, but we always encourage fun, enthusiasm, friendship and respect. Campers have more choice and free time then at many camps, and staff always support them in making great friends and developing creativity and leadership. Here is our typical schedule:

7:15-Wake up (songs and cheers!)best reduced size (2)

8:00-Breakfast8:30-Breakfast clean up/free time

9:00-Staff meeting/Camper free time

9:30-Morning meeting: Each person is free to use the silence for contemplation and worship, to immerse their senses in nature or take time with their own thoughts. We might feel led to share a message, a few words about our thoughts or even a song! After silent meeting the facilitator opens up space for anyone to share concerns, questions, affirmations, and any announcements.

10:00-Plork (play+work) projects, counselors lead various small group projects such as painting a cabin, gardening, helping the cooks, gathering firewood etc. Everyone has a good time and gets to contribute to the community, our environment, and help take care of camp!


12:30-Lunch clean up/free time

1:00-Siesta! Counselors supervise campers in cabins for quiet time.

2:00-Afternoon activities: Mix of electives and group projects, adventures, games, hikes, arts and crafts, workshops . . .

4:00-Group Time: Everyone meets daily with their small group of campers and staff to share and discus a chosen topic.

5:00-Free Time

6:00-Dinner, yum!

7:00-Dinner clean up/free time

7:30-Evening program: Everyone joins in songs, skits, campfire games, discussions, stargazing, “creativity night” . . .

9:30-Bed Time